How to choose perfect doors and windows for your residence?



Choosing the right doors and windows for residence has become an important aspect people consider while constructing or restructuring their houses. Earlier it was all about the durability and cost of the windows and doors that mattered whereas now there are a lot more to consider while you choose the best doors and windows for your dream residence.

We at Milano Premium Aluminium doors & windows give our best to furnish top quality doors and windows for you.

Let’s take a top at few of the top factors that you should be considering to choose the perfect doors and windows.




Wood was the most preferred material for a very long period of time. It was considered safe and durable and was indeed the best option available at that point of time. With the advent of technology and increased notion for eco-friendliness, wood is now taking a step back. With Aluminium doors and windows installed, it not only provides better safety and durability but is also eco-friendly and maintenance-free. In addition to the said points, Milano doors and windows offer products in wooden texture adding more look to your doors and windows.



Constructions, be it residence or commercial is a long term investment. No one likes to bring inside civil workers every now and then. Windows and doors are the most commonly used elements and durability and ease of using them are significant for peace of mind. Milano Windows uses superior quality raw materials along with powder coating from Germany to ensure life long quality. Milano guarantees zero maintenance and life-long support for our customers.



Often people see the cost of products as a one-time expense but it’s wrong. Along with the product cost, one must also consider the costs for repairs, maintenance, replacement, component cost, labour cost etc. A combination of all these costs must be considered before deciding on choosing the best windows or doors for you.

Milano Windows and Doors are proved to offer high heat resistance which helps you save more energy. Moreover, it is easy to install and there is absolutely zero maintenance cost. In the long run, our products help you save a lot of your hard-earned money.



Safety is one major factor which most people ignore. Doors and windows are always welcoming in nature. But not everyone is welcomed always! So keeping yourself safe is one of the most important factors that you must be considering. Choose the right products made of strong materials and advanced technology.

6005-T6 grade virgin Aluminium is used to manufacture Milano doors and windows. As you might already know the strength it offers, our products are stubborn to unwelcomed guests. Also, the high-tech technology of the machinery contributes to additional safety measures as well.


Appearance & Design

This is often the first thing we consider while thinking about doors or windows! Well, it’s important, after all this is what our eyes are going to see for the next few decades. People have their own impressions about designs and colours. Choose what you like the most. But keep in mind not to compromise on quality and durability.

Milano doors and windows come in multiple colours and textures. Our products get powder coated from Germany and wood coating films are from Italy. The frames and glasses are creatively engineered to give the best looks.


Peace of Mind

Yes! You’ve to choose what gives you utmost comfort and satisfaction. Windows and doors are the most commonly used facets at your home. The ease of use, appearance, easy installations, durability, zero maintenance, safety etc. contributes to the peace of mind! Milano doors and windows assure you the best in all the above factors.

Hope this guide will help you choose the perfect doors and windows for your residence. Always remind yourself that the product that you choose is going to be a part of your life and make your decision wisely.

You can always check Milano doors and windows which is eco-friendly and reliable. Our products are durable and resistant to weather. Our supreme design coupled with high-end finishes and textures offers high aesthetic value to your houses. With unmatched support and zero maintenance, Milano products offer superb strength and superior quality.