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Born out the passion to create beautiful spaces in an ever-inspiring way, MILANO is a most-preferred brand in Aluminium Doors and Windows for over a decade. With an extensive range of premium Aluminium Windows and Doors. MILANO gives timeless charm to your brilliantly engineered buildings. Featuring incomparable quality, inimitable designs and incredible versatility, all the Windows and Doors from MILANO are superior enough to stay fascinating forever.



The aesthetic requirements of a brilliant architectural design are endless. And so the choices offered by MILANO. The versatile range of MILANO’s doors and windows comes with Wood, Metallic, Non-metallic and Antique finishes and their different variants like Textured, Matte, Glossy and Semi-glossy. Having options for Single Glazed and Double Glazed using Toughened, Non-Toughened and Laminated Glasses,

MILANO Doors and Windows can be easily customised according to the customer’s tastes. Featuring high artistic aspects and durable finishes, MILANO Aluminium Doors and Windows are sure to give your buildings the charisma that lasts forever.


The most advanced technologies that offer maximum precision, raw materials of superior grade and the expertise that no one else can match; MILANO has everything that ensures world-class quality. Made of 6005-T6 grade virgin Aluminium using fully automatic high-tech machinery, MILANO’s range of Aluminium Windows and Doors combines exceptional durability and supreme strength. Thanks to the unique PEPC Technology, all the doors and windows from MILANO have perfect corners that make the frames fit well with each other. MILANO uses highest-quality powder from Germany for base coating and powder-coated finishes, and best-in-class films imported from Italy for wood-coated finishes. It further assures unmatched durability and elegance. And with the stringent quality control measures, MILANO guarantees excellence in all phases of the manufacturing process.